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Tutorial: How to Create Stunning HDR Photos in Photoshop, part 2 – Fine Tuning Contrast, Color, and Sharpness

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Welcome back! For those who are not sure whats going on, please go ahead and take a look at the Part 1 of this tutorial. In that article, I went through the workflow of taking the brackets of a scene in the camera and creating an HDR photo using Nik Software HDR Efex Pro 2.    Continue Reading

Tutorial: How to Create Stunning HDR Photos Using NIK’s HDR Efex Pro 2

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There are many ways to produce HDR photos including:through the help of software such as Photomatix, HDR Efex Pro, Oloneo Photo Engine or othersthrough the use of Luminosity Masking through manual blending  Of course, out of the aforementioned techniques, the easiest and the fastest way to produce an HDR image is through the use of software.  Each    Continue Reading

Google Drops Price of NIK Software Collection – 75% Off with “HDRsoftware15” Coupon Code

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Whoa! This is a really good deal. Last week I learned from The Verge that the Nik Collection by Google has just been discounted by 70%.The Nik Complete bundle of plugins normally costs – $499.95 – but right now the package is only – $149 – and if you use coupon code HDRsoftware15 that package    Continue Reading

A List of The Best HDR Photographers and Photo Bloggers

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There are a ton of people out there that are shooting HDR photography, but the list of great photographers is much smaller.  HDR definitely falls into the category of “easy to do, difficult to master,” and this is made apparent by the abundance of bad HDR out there. That said, there are a few HDR    Continue Reading

Nik Software HDR Efex Pro 2 Review

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Use the coupon code hdrsoftware15 for 15% off any Nik Software products, including HDR Efex Pro 2. When you buy from this link, you save money and we get a small commission – it helps support this site – thanks! April 2nd, 2013: Google Just dropped the price of the entire NIK Plugin Bundle from    Continue Reading

Canon 7D Camera Review

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This Canon 7D review is from Matt Koenig is a photographer who is passionate about world travel and making inspiring images.  He writes about photography at Matt Koenig Photography where his Monday Photo Inspiration series is a reader favorite. I’ve been shooting with the Canon 5D Mark II for several years now but I had a need for    Continue Reading

How to Remove Noise in Photos with Topaz Denoise

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Last week I was visiting Sean at his rental in Playa del Carmen and was awed by his view overlooking the water. We went up to the terrace and I used Photosynth on my iPhone to capture this panoramic photo of his gorgeous view: Later when I got home and looked at the photo I    Continue Reading

Lightroom Enfuse Plugin Review

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This Lightroom Enfuse review is written by Chad Jackson who specializes in architectural and interior photography.  Check out his site for some incredible interior work. Working as an independent commercial photographer specializing in architectural and interior photography, I have shoots that can sometimes have upwards of 20-30 views that are bracketed for varying exposures. This produces    Continue Reading

HDR Plugins: Best Photoshop Plugins for HDR Photography

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Unfortunately in the world of HDR software we have yet to find a magic bullet.  There is still no one program that can do everything you need to create the highest quality possible HDR photographs, so often times HDR plugins are necessary..  Photomatix 4 is getting closer, but it still lacks the layer masking abilities    Continue Reading

HDR Tutorial Masterclass: 18 Free Lessons from the Pros

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There are hundreds, if not thousands of tutorials on the internet on how to take HDR photos. Some are good, some are awful, and some will shatter your perception of what photography is and how you should approach it. We set out to find the best HDR tutorials out there and create a definitive list    Continue Reading