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Google Drops Price of NIK Software Collection – 75% Off with “HDRsoftware15” Coupon Code

NIK software coupon code
Whoa! This is a really good deal. Last week I learned from The Verge that the Nik Collection by Google has just been discounted by 70%.

The Nik Complete bundle of plugins normally costs – $499.95 – but right now the package is only – $149 – and if you use coupon code HDRsoftware15 that package is only $126.65.
Note: you can use the same HDRsoftware15 coupon code to get Photomatix for only $85.15.
That’s on top of an already great deal for a total discount of about 75% off ($499.95 minus $373.30) when you use the coupon (or click the link above) to get the additional savings of $22.35. If you ever wanted to jump into HDR processing, black & white HDR, or fine-tuning photos with professional-grade software, this is a really good reason to do so. Most professionals use multiple software to create their final photos and this bundle gives you 6 power tools for your arsenal.

We’ve covered HDR Efex Pro 2 and it’s currently my favorite software for creating HDR photos. With this deal you get 6 plugins:

NIK Collection
And here are some details about what each of these plugins let you do:

The price of just HDR Efex Pro 2 just by itself is $99.95 so for less than $30 more – a total of $126.65 (if you use the coupon code) you get ALL 6 professional plugins.

Here is a screenshot of the order page with the coupon applied:

NIK software coupon code

Boom! It’s that easy.

Click Here to go to NIK Software

If you end up saving some money, please like, tweet, or Google+ this page and let your photographer friends know about this sweet, sweet deal from NIK Software and Google.

A Recent Example

Here’s a photo that I used NIK’s HDR Efex Pro 2 on recently in order to help enhance the shot (and this is from a single file – not even the 3 bracketed shots that you’d want to use for proper HDR):


It’s honestly not the best example so I’ll be adding some more tutorials soon to show you the real power of NIK’s tools.

To see more (and probably much better) results you can get with the plugins found in NIK’s software collection, check out the Flickr search results for NIK processed images. There are a lot of Flickr photographers who use NIK and tag their photos with the software name – which is great for people wanting to learn and draw inspiration from them. Another good place to look is NIK education, which has some excellent tutorials about how to use their different plugins and software packages.

Also, if you’re an HDR photographer and would like to write some tutorials for this site on how to use HDR Efex Pro or any of the other software from this package, please get in touch by emailing hdrguide (at) gmail (dot) com – I’d love to have you share your techniques on this site – and help promote your work.

Lastly, if you have an iPhone or Android device you may also want to check out Snapseed, which Google recently made free after acquiring NIK Software. I’ve been using it on my iPhone for months and it’s my favorite go-to mobile editing app.

This page was last updated on November 19th, 2013

Posted 4 years ago on 06 April 2013

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+Max Spiker has been playing with Photoshop since 2000 and HDR photography since 2005 when he discovered it on Digg. He's been a fan of the technique ever since.

38 thoughts on “Google Drops Price of NIK Software Collection – 75% Off with “HDRsoftware15” Coupon Code

  1. Sydney Chandler says:

    Where was this two weeks ago! I spent $500 for my Nix software. I do love it but could have stood to save some money. 🙁

      • Richard says:

        ColorEfex Pro v 3 runs under Win XP SP3 – runs from the Plug-Ins folder – that’s what I’ve been using. I now have a Win 7 system as well so will be going for this bundle. My Version 3 could well be up for grabs. If I choose to sell, I’ll list it on Gumtree. Or PM me on Facebook – Richard Haylock

  2. robert says:

    you have indicated this will work on 2 computers, will it run on windows 8? i had the trial version but had to go away for a while and when i returned the trial version had already run out. not asking for an extension but want to make sure it works on my windows 8 b4 i purchase, thank you in advance.

  3. Mark Forbew says:

    I purchased the bundle and loaded on my computer. I have upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows 7, and have had no problems with any software.

    When I loaded NIK, it told me that I needed to upgrade my graphics adapter driver for it to work. I went to the graphics adapter site (Intel) and found there was no upgraded driver. After nosing on the Internet, I found that NIK will NOT work with Win8 and this graphics adapter!

    So, I loaded it on my laptop, running Win7. Everything looked good until I went to save and PhotoShop crashed…time after time.

    More hours researching the Internet and I find that NIK may work if I disable the graphics card. I did this and now I can get about 50% to save successfully.

    I’m waiting for a call back from NIK so I can get a refund. This is really too bad as I think it’s a good program, but in my opinion if PhotoShop will work on a particular hardware/OS, then by golly so should NIK!

    Very disappointed in this product.

  4. Jesse says:

    Is the Google Nik Collection compatible with PhotoShop and Light Room Creative Cloud Editions. Also, currently Google Nik Collection offers 7 different Software plugins, will you recieve all 7 with the coupon?

    • Max says:

      Yes, I use it with the CC versions myself. For the number of software packages you get – I’d go by what their website says is included (since this has changed over the course of the year – I think they added some).

  5. Calin says:

    My order page with the coupon applied doesn’t look like that. It doesn’t say “15% discount applied to your purchase today”. It says: “Special promo (Excludes 3rd party products & specials)”. What does that mean please ?

  6. William Ham says:

    I am trying to purchase the Nik bundle thru your website. On the secure checkout page I have successfully filled everything out except the state in which I live, Texas. Seems as if it will not accept anything I type in for “Texas” “TX” “Tex”. Please advise.

  7. Jay says:

    I downloaded the Trial of Nik and installed in CS5. Running Windows 8 and 64 bit. I can open the Color Efex filter in CS5 but when I save my changes nothing shows up.
    Does the Trial version not let you save changes? Or do I have something installed incorrectly?

  8. Sean says:

    Click the link and it takes me to google where I choose buy now but it has no place to enter a coupon. If I go to shop.niksoftware.com it shows the cart page pictured above and it accepts the coupon but its an empty cart.

  9. Is this price of $126.65 is still available..? Does this include the 50-70 original filters that came with Nik years ago such as Clasical Soft Focus, Gradient colored filters, Vignette and Vignette Blur filters..? Please email me so I know.

    Thank you..!

  10. Phil Eaton says:

    Max, what is the download file size for this whole package, and is this special price still on at present [2/11/2015] ?

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